Hey there, soul-sister!

I'm Tanya, a certified nutrition practitioner and master health coach. Welcome! to my nourishing corner of the web. 

If you're here, chances are you’re an unstoppable woman navigating the highs and lows of aging.

You might be dealing with midlife symptoms like weight challenges, fatigue, brain fog, stomach bloat, and all the fun (not!) that comes with menopause and its many surprises. And seriously, is it just me, or is it getting hot in here?! 😅

Step inside and delve into FREE (and proven) resources, insights, and strategies tailored to help you reclaim your health for good!


I've walked the path you're on...

I've been through a lot with health stuff – my own, and seeing family face scary illnesses. 

There were times when I felt totally lost in a sea of confusing health issues and misleading, untrustworthy info out there.

But I persevered, learned a ton about how foods can heal (and also make you sick!), and not only helped my husband bounce back after cancer but also got my own health back on track while dealing with IBS and the rollercoaster of perimenopause.

Fast forward to today: my husband's been cancer-free for over 16 years, and here I am at 50, feeling more energetic and happier with my body than ever before.

My mission? To show you how amazing foods (yes, that includes the carbs you’ve been told not to eat) and a holistic approach to health can be. 

I want to show you that thriving in your 40s and beyond is not only possible, it's easier and simpler than you may think. 

Aging may be inevitable, but suffering, sister-friend, is definitely optional.

Ready to reclaim your health and start loving your body all over again?

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Welcome to the treasure trove of FREEBIE gems!

Every resource here is not only backed by science but is also personally tested or used by me.

I've sifted through what works and what doesn't, so you don't have to get lost in all the noise and conflicting information.

Whether you're after an insightful e-guide, a nifty checklist, or transformative training, you can be sure I've designed them for the fastest and most effective path forward.

Go ahead, dive in and grab one or even all of them! Begin to experience real results that you can see and feel.


find your
path to
hormone health

Take this FREE QUIZ to find out "How Hormonally Balanced Are You?" AND

Uncover which of the 5 hormone balance challenges is preventing you from feeling your best.


elevate your
overall health &

Uncover the secrets to a healthier, happier, more vibrant you! 

Dive into these FREE carefully curated, science-backed resources designed to elevate every aspect of your health.


Master Your weight, boost your energy and age gracefully

Dive into this FREE training to uncover the ultimate, proven 3-step plan for lasting weight loss, boundless energy, and—dare I say it—turning back the clock on aging!

coaching and training

Learn With Tanya - Personalized and science-backed solutions for all your health goals and needs


Gut Health Reset - Online Course

Gut health is essential for reaching your health goals, overcoming midlife symptoms, and preventing future health problems. Unlock the secrets of optimal gut health and understand its crucial role in your overall health. You'll get practical tools and knowledge to improve and keep your gut health in check.  With my proven methods, backed by science, you can expect real results.

Learn about gut health and why it's a game-changer for your health goals.
Find out about the three major gut challenges and the common ailments like SIBO, IBDs, and IBS.
Dive into my proven 3R formula to reset your gut health and craft a personalized plan suited to your unique health needs.
Understand the foods that boost gut health and ditch the "diet" mindset. Get hands-on with DIY and DFY meal plans and tasty, gut-friendly recipes.


Meno-Meltdown™ Alchemy Waitlist

The most comprehensive and only solution you'll ever need for lasting weight loss, boundless energy, freedom from mid-life symptoms, and ageless health. Get ready to radiate confidence, reclaim your drive, and redefine aging. My science-backed, step-by-step process GUARANTEES you'll retake control of your health—your most important and precious asset for living a life you love. Leverage simplified yet effective strategies for lasting results!

Learn where to begin and focus to lose weight and gain energy.
Understand the step-by-step process that's best for YOU to achieve your health goals.
Find the right balance of nutrition, exercise, and lifestyle for YOUR body to get lasting results.
Use proven strategies that address mid-life challenges and see faster transformation.
Strengthen your mental approach to bounce back from setbacks quickly.
AND much, much more…


Health Power-Up Accelerator Game Plan

Unlock the path to optimal health with a tailored one-on-one coaching call. Delve into your specific health concerns, pinpoint what's been holding you back, and gain clarity on your next steps. Based on our conversation, I'll design a personalized Health Power-Up Accelerator Game Plan, outlining the top three actions you need to prioritize. You'll receive hands-on advice and practical tips to seamlessly incorporate these steps into your daily routine to begin creating amazing results fast.

Address all your questions and concerns, ensuring you move forward with confidence.
Uncover what's been hindering your health progress and discover strategies to break past them.
Obtain a focused and personalized 3-step game plan detailing the primary actions for fast results.
Benefit from straightforward advice on bringing your game plan to life.

My Story

My name is Tanya Auger, but my clients affectionately call me the "Gut Whisperer". Yes, it's as cool as it sounds. 😇 While I'm trained in nutrition and now a certified nutrition practitioner and master health coach, at heart, I’m just a woman on a mission. I aim to help others navigate the twists and turns of aging and ensure they look and feel their absolute best while at it...

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