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You're probably wondering, "Who's this Tanya and what's her deal?" Let me spill the beans!

My name is Tanya Auger, but my clients affectionately call me the "Gut Whisperer". Yes, it's as cool as it sounds. 😇 While I'm trained in nutrition and now a certified nutrition practitioner and master health coach, at heart, I’m just a woman on a mission. I aim to help others navigate the twists and turns of aging and ensure they look and feel their absolute best while at it.

I wear a few other hats too! I'm the super-proud mom of my handsome Kyle, my brilliant 25-year-old biochemist son, and the loving owner of Mia, my 15-year-old dog (who acts like she’s still a puppy despite being 105 in dog years). And let’s not forget my hubby, Raymond, my rock and partner in everything from laughter, love, to life’s challenges.

A fun fact? I can't resist a good Netflix binge and I have a serious thing for espresso. If you're a tea person, no hard feelings!

My love for nutrition and health wasn’t always the main focus of my life. As a kid, watching my parents work hard taught me the value of dedication, love, and the importance of family. They showed me what it meant to be strong and self-reliant.

School was a breeze for me. After graduating college at the top, I landed a solid job in IT. But a few years in, I felt a tug. Something was missing.

That started a 20-year journey of self-discovery. There were highs like becoming a mom and buying my first home, and lows like health challenges and personal losses. Through it all, I learned, grew, and found my true calling in nutrition and health.

September 18, 2007, at precisely 2:32 p.m...

The Day Everything Changed

Chapter One of My Wakeup Calls

On September 18, 2007, at precisely 2:32 p.m., a moment was forever imprinted in my heart and mind.

That day started typically – I dragged myself out of bed with the sinking feeling of facing another day at work. I worked at a small IT company, managed by someone who was nothing short of a tyrant. A person I believed only existed in movie villains.

Every day brought relentless stress, anxiety, exhaustion, and to top it all, excruciating stomach pain. The type that kept me confined to the restroom, on the verge of fainting. The kind that left me bedridden and too frail to stand. It was the same pain that had sent me to the emergency room three times in my early adulthood.

Thankfully, I eventually escaped that toxic environment. The pivotal moment that hastened my departure happened that fateful September day.

A few weeks before, my husband had undergone his regular annual check-up. He had been overworking, constantly stressed, and not focusing on self-care, but otherwise, everything seemed fine.

At 2:32 p.m., when my phone buzzed, and I saw his name, an inexplicable sense of dread consumed me. I instinctively knew something was off. Everything around me blurred. My heart raced, and the world's noise faded into the background. I picked up the call, and before I could utter a greeting, he softly asked if I could come home. Without a second thought, I dashed out, not even recalling if I stopped at any of the red lights.

As I raced up our stairs, I found him in the kitchen, eyes clouded with despair. We embraced tightly, tears flowing freely.

The dreaded news was out – he was diagnosed with cancer and needed immediate surgery.

In that heart-wrenching moment, our lives shifted dramatically. My mission was unmistakably clear: defeat this cancerous beast that had already claimed many of my family members far too early.

And in that commitment to him, I realized I had to guard myself too. For if I didn't, the monster might very well come for me next.

What I Did...

Initially, I turned to Google, immersing myself in the vast sea of online information. For three long years, I went through trial after trial—scouring websites, pouring over countless books, jumping from one diet to another, and seeking advice from doctors and specialists.

But, frustratingly, neither my husband nor I saw any real improvement. The weight of hopelessness and discouragement began to bear down on me. I felt lost, thinking perhaps there was no solution for our health woes.

It dawned on me: I couldn’t rely solely on the dieting world, the food industry, or even Western medicine for answers. I acknowledge the merits of modern medicine, especially in dire situations like my husband's battle with cancer. But when it came to preventive care over quick fixes, it seemed to miss the mark.

With this realization, I chose a new path. I decided to return to school, this time focusing on nutrition. From all I'd encountered, I was convinced that the way we feed our bodies held the key to reclaiming our health.

Now, years later, I’m filled with gratitude. My husband has been cancer-free for over fifteen years, and my digestive issues? A thing of the past.

Chapter Two of My Wakeup Calls

Just when I thought I had mastered the art of "health" and "healthy eating", menopause knocked on my door.

Let's rewind a bit—about 11 years. During that time, I didn't pay much attention to the subtle changes in my body. Frankly, I didn't even realize that the symptoms cropping up were tied to the hormonal shifts beginning within me. I was already on a healthy diet, I was active, even coaching a running club. My mindset? This will pass on its own.

However, a wake-up call hit me about three years later when I stumbled upon a photo of myself. The person I saw was unfamiliar. From a fit frame of 120 lbs, I had jumped to 152 lbs. But how? My diet hadn't changed, and my lifestyle remained active.

Fast forward to age 44, and things began to unravel rapidly. My weight was climbing, and alongside it, a myriad of symptoms emerged. My IBS reared its head, certain foods began to trigger painful reactions, and my libido took a nosedive. The back and shoulder pains became so acute that there were days when walking, sitting, or even crying from the pain seemed impossible.

Emotionally, I felt like a ticking bomb, snapping for the tiniest of reasons. And heaven forbid if someone mentioned it might be PMS! But the most debilitating was the onset of anxiety attacks and spirals of depression.

With all these symptoms, I felt like I was trapped in a maze, trying to find a way out. I resorted to medications, swallowing pills for pain, anxiety, depression, insomnia. And the irony? I was a certified nutrition practitioner and a master health coach. After all the success stories, helping my husband, myself, and countless other women, I felt like a fraud.

As the side effects from the medications grew more intense, a day came when I just couldn't bear it anymore. I wanted to break free from this cycle of pain and pills.

What I Did...

I had the knowledge and skills, so I took a moment to think. I looked back at how I helped my husband get better after his cancer, how I fixed my own stomach problems, and how I was helping so many women with their health. I used those same ideas to make myself feel better.

Now, as I'm getting close to turning 50 and still going through perimenopause, I feel good. I have even more energy than when I was younger. The worst of the hot flashes and night sweats are gone. I'm happy again, and I don't need any pills. My stomach feels great, and I can eat what I want without pain. And the best part? I'm finally making real progress in losing that extra weight for good. Whoohoo!

Chapter Three of My Wakeup Calls? Thankfully, I haven't yet encountered a third wakeup call, and I hope I never will. However, I remain keenly aware that embracing a healthy lifestyle is a conscious choice I need to make each morning. I do this because I aim to live a long and vibrant life, to be present for all of my son's milestones and achievements.

My journey has taught me countless lessons, and I continue to learn every day. Among the most crucial lessons that now guide my every step is this: Your health is your most treasured asset, and it's the key to living a life filled with joy and purpose.

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My Brand

If you're also curious about my brand, the community I serve, and what I stand for, read on:

My Values and Beliefs:

Expertise: I have a deep understanding and skill in nutrition science, ensuring that my actions and advice are firmly grounded in knowledge.

Passion: Every endeavor is embraced with enthusiasm and profound commitment.

Compassion: I deeply understand and empathize with others' feelings and challenges.

Health as Wealth: I recognize that our health is our most invaluable asset.

Nutritional Wisdom: I believe in the power of food to heal, nurture, and transform our bodies.

Positivity: I always choose to see the brighter side of situations and maintain an optimistic outlook.

Joie de Vivre: Life should be enjoyed to the fullest; I approach it with joy, fun, and a lighthearted spirit.

Open-Mindedness: I believe every challenge has a solution, and no problem is insurmountable.

Courage: I face challenges head-on and act even when situations are intimidating.

Genuineness: Authenticity is key. I am transparent about my feelings, intentions, and actions.

My Mission Statement:

I aim to support high-achieving women in their 40s and beyond, helping them navigate weight loss resistance, hormone imbalances, and menopause symptoms. Through evidence-based nutrition and holistic methods, my goal is to address the challenges of aging, reigniting youthful energy, and ensuring this phase is vibrant and fulfilling. My approach is infused with lightheartedness and compassion. Rather than offering short-lived solutions, I promise lasting transformations through holistic and tailored strategies. This way, every determined 40+ woman can embrace her health journey with enthusiasm.

Who I Serve:

My clientele largely consists of high-achieving women in their forties and beyond. They lead active lives and are beginning to feel the tolls of aging. They often confront challenges like weight gain, mental fog, fatigue, mood swings, joint pains, and more. These issues affect their energy, drive, and overall well-being, often causing concern and stress. Whether they're aware of the ties between these symptoms and the stages of menopause or not, they're committed to overcoming these challenges, aiming to regain their energy, reclaim their health, and lead a vibrant life.

Motivations Behind Seeking My Services:

Regaining Confidence: A strong sense of self-worth is essential. They want to feel proud of who they are, embracing their age with grace.

Enhanced Energy Levels: They aim to feel invigorated, ready to tackle daily tasks, chase their passions, and sustain their demanding lives.

Optimal Health: The goal is overall well-being, reducing the risk of age-related ailments, and ensuring top-notch health for the future.

Successful Aging: The idea of flourishing with age, experiencing joy, activity, and minimal health issues is appealing.
Feeling and Looking Younger: They're drawn to the idea of reflecting their inner youth externally, wanting their appearance to match the vibrancy they feel inside.

Empowerment and Independence: Taking charge of their bodies and decisions about nutrition and health is crucial. They want to make informed choices without over-relying on external opinions.

Positive Role Modeling: Many of these women aim to be role models, especially for younger women in their lives. By embodying healthy living, they hope to inspire and guide others.

Community and Belonging: Connecting with other women on similar journeys is comforting and motivating. Being part of a supportive community that understands and uplifts them is a significant driving factor for many.

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