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Hello There!

I’ve struggled with gut dysfunction all my young adult life… Just like you, I know how uncomfortable it can be to live with stomach upset and pain, to always worry about what to eat, not knowing if you’ll then need to rush to the washroom or go lie down until the debilitating pain goes away…putting your social life on hold, cause you never know when the next bout of diarrhea, constipation, or IBS flare-up will come up…

Back then, I didn’t know that my gut health was a "big deal" and the key to optimum health and well-being. Despite landing in the emergency room on three separate occasions during my young adult life because of debilitating stomach pain…It, unfortunately, took my husband’s cancer diagnosis a little over 14 years ago, for me to begin digging and researching how we could restore our health…

What began with a few weeks of research quickly turned into a few months and ended up being 3 full years of experimenting with many solutions, diets, and protocols to no avail. I quickly became overwhelmed, discouraged, and frustrated and had lost all hope thinking we were destined to continue living with less-than-optimal health.

I was fortunate enough to go back to school and obtain an education in nutrition. I know, a bit of a drastic measure, but I was exhausted by all the rubbish I was being fed (sorry for the pun) from the internet and the likes…

That’s when I discovered your gut health is at the core of your optimum health and well-being. Your digestive function is bare none one of the most important functions of your body. When you’re able to maintain optimum digestive and gut health, all other body systems such as your cardiovascular, respiratory, hormonal, nervous, and immune, will also work at their best!

I also learned that there’s no such thing as one-size-fits-all solutions, diets, pills, or shakes…these may work for a short while but long term they will cause more harm than good. Also, quick fixes and shortcuts will not help you create lasting results.

Tanya xoxo

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