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Not sure exactly where to start to get your health back, and more importantly, if you can trust me? Right?! I get it, we haven’t met yet, and before you make an important investment in your health and wellbeing, you need to know if what I have to offer works and if we’re a good fit for each other!

Well, my lovely friend, why don’t we get on a call together and let me provide you with a massive value upfront before you make any decision as to if you want to work with me or not! How does that sound? Rest assured, this will NOT be a “sales pitch” call! …Promise! I despise those kinds of calls, and I pride myself in not doing to others what I don’t like to have done to me!

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Tanya Auger

Who I Am And What I Do

Hi there, I’m Tanya, The Gut Whisperer, Auger!

As a certified nutrition expert and healthy lifestyle strategist, I educate, motivate, and equip busy women, just like you, with the practical solutions to achieve their health goals. I believe wholeheartedly in the power of foods as the means to live healthily, happily and pain free!

Despite the inevitable biological changes we all face at different stages of our lives, we should all be able to feel fab, fierce, and vibrant at any age! Without having to constantly watch what we eat, try out the next fad diet, nor having to follow any complicated and strict food rules.

With all the misleading information out there, I know how frustrating and exhausting it can be to figure out what truly works, where to start, and who to trust.

When my husband was diagnosed with cancer a little over thirteen years ago, I went back to school to study nutrition which allowed me to help my husband restore his health. I then created my own unique approach to help you get your health back by focusing on the most important function of your body: Your digestion and intestinal health.

With my 4-step H·E·A·L·thy Eating Method I continue to help women keep their digestion and gut health in check and make achieving any of their health goals a breeze!

Your health is the most important asset you possess and the key to living a life you love. You got this, I’m here with you, and let's get started!

Tanya xoxo

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